Saving Money On Chicken

  • Just trying to help some of you out there with some ideas on how to get the cuts of meat you want and what you can do with them. I hope that this inspires you to shop sales and save some money.

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    1. I find the freezer paper works so much better than the freezer bags don’t you? You sure have good looking chicken out there on sale. We did get pork tenderloin here this week for 1.97 lb. and I did freeze half and canned the rest. God bless!

    2. wow great bargin! Ive only seen chicken on sale here for .99lb. Do you think you will do a vid of usuing the scraps to make stock? Thanks

    3. I have an opportunity to obtain a kitchenaide in the same white furniture as yours. I am delaying asking her since she just moved into the assisted l;iving appts behind the nursing home and is still in the back of the mind opinion that she wants to move back home again. I take the skin off chicken when canning it because I try to reduce the fat. I make stock out of the skin fat carcass bones and bony parts of the wings

    4. Linda I love the many ways you cut up your chicken. This has helped me a lot as I bought a whole chicken today and now I know how to cut it up xoxo I normally spatchcock it when I roast it, but today I’ll cut it up into pieces. Thank you xox

    5. MY GOSH, I get nervous watching you cut that meat. I think it is the angle of the camera. I also grind the breast which in this area sells for 6.99 to 8.99 per lb!!!

    6. Linda-I always notice that decorative piece on your counter with eggs in it. Are those real edible eggs that you just rotate, or are they decorative? Love your vids as always. I just don’t do FB or any of that stuff.

    7. I want to Thank you.I ran out of freezer paper and went to using plastic wrap and then zip lock bags.I am not saying that is not ok for people that do that but I preffer the freezer paper.wrote it down on my list of things to buy on my next shopping trip.

    8. Thank you for an excellent video Linda. I cringe when I think of what I’m paying for chicken. I’ve saved this as a tutorial for the next time chickens go on sale. Awesome!

    9. Great job, Linda!! One of the most valuable skills my mother taught me was how to disjoint a chicken. You offer up some interesting variations. Personally, I love the wingtips and the tail. And I dissect out the wishbone and fry it as a separate piece. Keep these great vids coming!

    10. Love the video’s Linda, they have inspired me to try so many things. I am teaching all the rest of the family along the way too. Getting ready for a Zycon chicken haul and have a question. Didn’t you do a video on canning precooked chicken and the chicken didn’t clump like raw pack? I can’t seem to find it and now wondering if I really did see something like that. If you did make such a video can you help me find it? Thanks!

    11. Watching you cut those birds with great care and precision, I had to chuckle remembering my old restaurant days when we were only allowed 15 seconds to hack up each chicken with huge cleavers. It was a very high volume restaurant, and speed was essential. We went through cutting boards at a staggering rate!

    12. Another SUPER great video, Linda! 🙂

      You cut up that chicken like a pro . . . wow! You are very industrious!

      And you certainly got a LOT of value out of that 79 cents/lb too! *lol*

      By this time, after watching so many of your videos, I don’t think there is ANYTHING that you CAN’T do! Good for you. Liked, saved, and favorited!

      All best, and thumbs up as always,
      Jersey Joe 🙂

    13. How do you make Sages dog food? I have cats, so this would help a lot. I hate to through anything away. Thank you for the help.

    14. I noted that your chicken is wrapped in butcher paper. Do you wrap it in plastic wrap or cling wrap before you put it in the butcher paper? I wanted to vacuum seal the pieces into 2-meal portions, too, but I think the vac bags are going to be very expensive. That kinda negates the savings on the chicken LOL.

    15. Great video, just got whole chickens for .49 cent lb and had no idea what to do, thank you for walking me through the break down of them all : ) very helpful!

    16. I went through “NCO Leadership School” in 1976. A project we were tasked with was to design a “demonstration-performance” training presentation. I did mine on “How To Cut Up A Chicken”! I am old enough to remember when a shopper bought chicken, it was only available whole. It is amazing that the simple art of cutting up chickens has been almost lost.

    17. This was so helpful. I was a Little hesitant about klicking this video since it is almost 20 minutes long and I have only Little Time to spare but I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing. God bless

    18. Man! She looks THICK and cuddly!! Linda… your healthy body looks delicious and well put together. Your my kinda of woman with a sharp functional body like that. Thank you for your video.:)

    19. I poach my chicken and make the stock at the same time with the poaching water…saves time and you won’t get a more moist bird

    20. i loved this video! i only just discovered you videos and have been addicted ever since! you have given me so many ideas and can’t wait to get started stocking my pantry! thank you so much Linda

    21. We started doing this a few months ago, a case of chicken at our Sam’s Club is 89 cents a lb all day. Only difference is I don’t separate the, back from the breast, I cut the breast off the bone while still “whole”. I put 2 carcases in a bag, freeze, and cook in a crock pot for chicken pie, dumplings, or for broth/stock. I also cut some breast up for stir fry, just saves time. Thanks for sharing, I hope you help many save money, it really does, we still have chicken from 2 months ago!

    22. Nicely done!

      I never seem to have stuff for chicken stock when I’m done. My dogs sit waiting for treats with soulful eyes so I give it to them. They LOVE chicken processing day. LOL

      Thanks =)

    23. One of the things that frustrates me is you can’t find chicken wings in the grocery stores except in the freezer section.. which is a big bag. And when I do find them they cost a mint! What use to be the cheapest part of the chicken is no more!

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    25. you know i have been buying chicken for years and not once did i ever think about cutting them up. I always buy them when they are on sale for under a 1 a pound.

    26. Hi Paula, thanks for your continuous videos and advise. Please where do you buy chicken at 0.79 cents per pound. Are you USA or Canada.
      Many thanks

    27. This is very helpful. So glad I found this… I just cringe when I have to pay for boneless, skinless chicken breasts. After watching this, deboning a chicken doesn’t seem such a daunting task. Now I just need to set aside time for processing, and acquire some butcher paper for the freezer. Thanks, Linda!

    28. Linda; This is your best, most informative video yet. I am an old retired coot and a widower so I am living without adult supervision and learning to cook for two..(.myself and Fritz, my German Shepard)…We are both way over-weight so I must be doing OK. I really appreciate your basic instruction. Thank you and…Please keep them coming.

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