Saving Money on Disney Dining! The Gift Card Trick!

  • Today I’m sharing a trick we’ve used for YEARS! Are you interested in saving money on Disney Dining AND having your trip feel “all inclusive”? Then join me for all the details on my Disney Gift Card trick! It’s easy and so simple, you’re not going to believe you didn’t think of it before (at least that’s how I felt before we started doing it!)

    (NOTE: THE MAXIMUM you can have on a Disney Gift Card is $1000 so for a longer trip or for a cruise, you would need to have multiple cards. Thanks to Brad for pointing this out!)

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    20 Replies to “Saving Money on Disney Dining! The Gift Card Trick!”

    1. Do you have any other tips and tricks for saving money at Disney? I’d love you to share them in the comments below!

    2. Yes, so many people don’t realize you can get gift cards at a discount. Also Costco, etc. There’s people that have it down to a science and are able to save way more than just the 5% but it’s complicated.

    3. Great tip! We have used this trick on Disney cruises as well, we will have Guest Services load the gift card balance to our onboard account at the beginning of the cruise and then all of our expenses will be covered by that amount What is also nice is that any amount left over, they will load back to the gift card at the end of the cruise, you just have to go to Guest Services to have it done. I think you could also pay for the actual cruise with Disney Gift Cards as well, if you want to.

    4. I believe the most you can put on a Disney Gift Card (when purchasing or combining) is $1000. Can anyone confirm that please. Have you tried and successfully combined a higher amount?

    5. I’ve been using this red card trick to pay for hotel, tickets, and food for both Disneyland and WDW the past couple of years. It’s so awesome! Also collecting coins for coinstar or depositing recycles for cash feels like you’re getting free money! And you can put that extra money towards gift cards!

    6. Yes Jen!! That trick is gold. I love it so much. I get mine at Sam’s Club for the discount. It’s so awesome!!! Another great video 🙂

    7. Great tips!! I bought gift cards from Target for my family to use on our trip. It kept everyone(especially me and my 15 year old son) on budget and my husband was happy with a zero balance at checkout. As a matter of fact I need to go to Target soon for my trip to Disneyland.

    8. My family just had this conversation for our Disney trip we’re taking next year! We just don’t eat how any of the dining plans are structured and I would be so stressed with my constant calculations to figure out if we were getting our money’s worth from the! We’re also planning on using our red card for 5% off. We are going to use this strategy to pay off our actual trip since we booked through Disney. 5% off is way better than 0% off!

    9. Great Tip! We also use the Disney Chase Visa card for our family expenses every month (and pay it off). This gives us reward $ that we can use on our Disney trips. We saved up a lot for the last trip and used it for souvenirs. Every little bit counts. There are also some other great perks that we’ve taken advantage of. This is basically the only credit card we use because the rewards are actually useful for us!

    10. Great tips, I would also add that you can get gift cards with Disney Movie Rewards. They’re one of the cheapest rewards you can get and a nice way to use your points.

    11. So much great info! I’ve already been buying gift cards with my Target Red card for a while. I had no idea there was a site to combine all the cards, such a great tip!! Budgeting is so important for a fun and less stressful trip. How do you figure out budgeting for souvenirs? Do you research what you want ahead of time and leave some room for random items that catch your eye? Now off to catch up on the live video from yesterday…

    12. wow! Great idea!!! Am planning on going to DW November of 2020 with my Cousin and her Friend, both have been several times and her friend goes so often she has a DVCM ! So it will most probably be three Adults no kids. This is such great idea! Had viewed another video that strongly suggested the Disney gift cards! Now I know why, how and what to do with them. I am going to look into this and let my Cousin and her friend know about this too!

    13. We do something very similar!

      We have Giant Eagle grocery stores in our area that give “fuel perks”. Whenever you spend money on food or gift cards you get points that add up to discounts on fuel if you use their gas station. At certain times of the year you can actually get double points for gift cards.

      Our gift card budget is for a little under what we think we will spend (so we aren’t stuck with $ left on a card)…use gift cards during our trip and maybe the last day or two will go on our debit card (also coming home to no bills). Once we get home we can enjoy highly discounted gas (we fill up a car and extra gas cans…and have almost had free gas before).

    14. Lived this video.. great ideas with combining all gift cards to one.. I didn’t k ow u could do that. Last trip I have 10 gift cards I took( ones ingot for Xmas, bithdays,etc) what a good idea. 😁👍♥️

    15. Love , love , love this idea! Very well explained… thanks so much😊 For us in Canada, it is difficult to get those Disney cards, but I will look into it more for sure!

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