Saving Money With Cable

  • The cable industry has invested massive amounts of capital in creating the vast "broadband" network around the country. This does not just provide consumers with a wide range of television options; it also means the availability of comprehensive telephone services and an amazing method of high-speed Internet connection. Wisely, the cable industry regularly makes "bundled" service plans available to customers, and at an excellent rate. Typically, customers pay one monthly fee for their services, and save a large amount of money doing so.

    There have been many broad discussions about the validity to such claims, including alternate service providers asking if consumers do see significant amounts of financial savings in bundled services. The simplest answer to such questions is "yes". Because the cable industry has made connectivity available to more than one hundred million households, the industry is a highly competitive one, and has allowed for the creation of some of the best "package" deals around.

    Many industry studies have estimated that both the consumer and small business markets using just digital telephone services have seen an average savings of one one hundred and fifty to more than five hundred dollars each year, just in telephone fees.

    In addition to basic telephone service however, most cable telephone customers are also provided with additional options like digital voicemail messaging which which access through their handset or telephone equipment. This means no "answering machines" or any other equipment to purchase. Additionally, cable telephone customers can go "paperless" and review their account information and settings online at the provider website. This means that customers save money while having access to the most advanced services available.

    The technology does not end with telephone and television however and high-speed internet is also part of the standard cable "bundle". Internet and computer experts have all come to agree that the connectivity available through cable systems is far superior to old-fashioned dial up and the most rapid DSL connections currently in use. This is due to the incredible financial investments made by the cable industry in the past decade, especially in developing the broadband network around the country. Currently, more than one hundred million consumers have all three services readily available for their use due entirely to the modern infrastructure the cable providers developed at their own expense.

    In addition to low cost access to television, telephone and Internet services, many cable providers will also offer inexpensive services in their "bundled plans" as well, including DVR equipment (digital video recorders) that can capture favorite television programs or even movies which can be held for as long as the owner wishes. Cable also makes an unlimited range of "on demand" packages available in their services as well, which allow subscribers to view premium networks and special sporting or entertainment events, all of which can also be recorded in the DVR memory as well.

    Anyone, professional or homeowner alike, looking to save some money, consolidate their billing arrangements and receive their phone, television and Internet through a single connection can do so with cable bundled services. Most modern providers make a range of packages available to their customers, and many make it possible to expand services simply by using their remote control.

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