Seven Extreme and Crazy Ways People Save Money

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    21 Replies to “Seven Extreme and Crazy Ways People Save Money”

    1. Dawn, we are in NC with no power, thank God that is all the hurricane did. So, i have portable charger and just finished watching your video. Such a pleasure!!!! Good video and funny video!! .

    2. Miss Possom Pie: I was desperate to make the paper towels last. So, I took the half strip of Bounty and cut it in half and it turned out being enough as a napkin for dinner. After economic times got better I haven’t stopped doing it.

    3. Well, I have eaten rabbit raised and butchered by someone else, along with some sausage made from a wild pig my cousin caught and butchered. Would not eat roadkill unless it was made by someone that knew exactly what they were doing. I have eaten “Bug Chips” and have a bag…made out of cricket flour. Tastes pretty good. I don’t skip flushes but keep a bucket of water fallen from my showers and flush with that at least 1-2 times a day. Gym shower, yeah, I would totally do that. Doesn’t seem extreme to me. Asking others for food at a restaurant, no…not very classy.

    4. No to most of those things, except the toilet flushing every time. I believe that it’s our responsibility to conserve our resources as much as possible, so I don’t have an issue with going “#1” once or twice before flushing.
      Personally, I don’t think the guy is all that frugal if he’s eating at a restaurant and asking people for their leftover food. He would save more money by not eating at restaurants.
      I wouldn’t eat roadkill that is laying on the road, but if funds were really low I wouldn’t put it past me to eat a wild animal. My husband is a hunter, and we always have deer in the freezer, so that’s not a stretch for me.
      In my opinion, being frugal is about living ethically within your means. Some of those scenarios you mentioned don’t sound ethical to me.

    5. Living in NYC most of the road kill would be rats– so definitely no pie for me! But I like to extend the life of my disposable razor by rubbing it against denim fabric! I learned this trick on this platform and it does work! Another trick I will not buy dry shampoo for in between washes-instead I run a little bit of cornstarch through my fingers and run into my hair and then brush it! I do this many times moments before I shoot a video for YT

    6. I knew a guy who bought cheap, dollar store 2 ply toilet paper and separated the ply to get 2 rolls. I’m like, seriously? My guy,it’s a dollar for 6 rolls.If you can afford to walk around in $1,000 shirts,you can easily afford to buy 2 or more 6 packs of toilet paper.

    7. Wow these are crazy. I don’t think I could eat roadkill. Well, if I was desperate and starving, I’m sure I would. I don’t think asking people for their leftovers at restaurant is very classy. Also, if he is so frugal, why is he eating at restaurants so much? Maybe he had a coupon or gift card or something, which would be fine, I suppose.

    8. I wouldn’t probably do any of these except the gym if I actually went to one. I think o am frugal enough. Some of these barely save any money to worry about it, like water, or some people separate 2 ply tp because they think it will last longer this way. Lol.

    9. P.S. I did think of one somewhat extreme money saving thing I did years ago for kid#3, a bonus baby. I went to the thrift store and pretty much bought a whole layette, including used plastic pants (for anyone who hasn’t encountered cloth diapers, those go over the diaper) for 5 Cents each. There is an obvious “ick” factor here, but I rationalized it was no different than what new ones would be like after a couple of uses and washing or what richer folks were getting from diaper services.

    10. When we were First married, I washed zip top bags and dried them over a baby bottle rack. Lol! I am from a Cajun family, so I have eaten many types of wildlife…squirrels, rabbit, turtle, etc. No Poisson or raccoon though.

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