Sharing Work at Home (1949)

  • The Taylor family — Mom, Dad, Howard and Martha — live in a messy house and, what’s worse, they don’t seem to care. But Martha has culled some modern ideas from her home economics textbook and the Taylor renaissance is about to begin. “General housekeeping is made much easier if each person picks up after himself,” Martha reads to Howard; he thinks for a moment and responds, “Hey, sis…maybe we should get organized!” As anyone familiar with postwar Coronet films knows, “get organized” is an unresistable rallying cry. Soon, the Taylors are making neat, handwritten lists for everything, and smiling so broadly that it must hurt. “Here! It’s all organized!” cries Howard as he holds aloft yet another list. “That’s the idea! Each of us picks up after himself!” echoes Dad. In less time than it takes to pull a tally sheet out of the Job Jar, the Taylors have become “a far happier and better family.” “This is more than just a story of wallpaper and slipcovers,” the narrator proclaims. “It’s a story of improvement in the Taylors themselves!”

    Producer: Coronet Instructional Films

    13 Replies to “Sharing Work at Home (1949)”

    1. My God what HIDEOUS wallpaper; makes my eyes bleed to see it in black and white; one can only wonder how bad it looks in color.

    2. I wasn’t sure what this comment meant, until I heard him say it. I laughed a lot harder than I should have.

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    4. 8:55 – “Oh well that’s a wonderful idea Martha! And we’ll find money for the material, somewhere in the budget…even if I have to go back to hooking myself all over town like a one woman whorehouse. I know it’s been a while, but I bet I could still take seven guys at once if I bend the right way and remember how to dislocate my lower jaw. Say, did I ever tell you kids about the time I gave FDR a rimjob while he tossed his own salad?”

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