Stressed Out With Belly Fat Pt 2 – Too Much Pressure and Not Enough Elimination

  • Do you really believe that a pill can get rid of "stubborn" belly fat? Are we ready to face the fact that the diet and drug industries are working together to keep us in the yo-yo dieting cycle? Since much of the truth has been spilled about the fat-free foods, low carbohydrate diets, and the Standard American Diet (SAD), the dieting (or die eating) industry has restructured its approach by tell consumers to "just pop a pill.

    A pill for combating stress causes more press for your body. Accepting this as a fact may disappoint dieters, but save their lives. As we discovered in the article Stressed out with Belly Fat Pt. 1: The Truth about Belly Fat, the symptoms of stress, low self-esteem, and depression are results of chemical imbalances that often manifests as excess weight. In a vicious cycle, excess weight gain and food addiction contribute to most physical, emotional, and spiritual maladies.

    For many people who are not health conscious, their body has a pH level of about 5.1 to 6.0. This pH level maximizes stress. In addition, this pH level makes it difficult to eliminate metabolic waste. Because the body is unable to eliminate metabolic waste at a sufficient rate, you feel stressed. The pressure a person feet is mentally and emotionally is caused by the metabolic waste trapped in the body. Ultimately, the stress is an elimination and metabolic problem.

    For example, have you ever tried to sleep in a junky room with papers piled up on the floor, clothes, and leftover food every where? There is foul odor and nothing is in order. There is hardly any room on the bed for you to sleep. And just when you get things cleaned out a little bit, more clothes are thrown on the bed, more leftover food, and the odor gets more and more unbearable. How well rested do you think you would be in this environment? How stressed do you think you would be?

    Correspondingly, the same thing happens in the human body. When your body has a highly acidic environment, the body feels the pressure. It needs to alkalize the body so it starts by searching the blood for minerals. If there are no minerals in the food, then the body robs it from your bones. Finally, the body is able to eliminate some of the metabolic waste. But, oh no, you just drank a diet soda, ate a pile of fries, and greasy double cheese burger. Now just when the body had a little bit of the metabolic waste eliminated, you brought in substances voided of nutrition which the body can not begin to after all the work it has done to eliminate some of the previous metabolic waste. As result, you feel that lack of energy so suddenly you crave a pack of cookies.

    These are the daily battles and pressure we force our bodies to endure. The answer to this pressure and elimination problem is not a pill. What we really need is right in nature. And what might that be? The answer is a pH balance diet of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. By increasing our raw food intake daily and avoiding process foods and meats, we can melt away body fat and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

    Source by Carmellita M. Brown

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