Survival Tips to Help Get You Through Hurricane Florence

  • As Hurricane Florence approaches, there are several steps people can take to help survive a potential disaster. Before the power goes out, fill your washing machine with ice to serve as a makeshift refrigerator. Pack in what you want to keep chilled, and though the ice will drain away, the food will stay cool for a while. You can light up an entire room by wrapping a camping headlamp around a bottle of water. And you can charge your phone with the jumpstarter from your car.

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    1. That survival tip with the car charger can be used with a car key instead of a spring and won’t damage anything for you guys having to live through it! God bless you and I hope you make it through.☺️

    2. I just got hit by hurricane Florence but it wasn’t that bad bc it passed right by in like and hour but a few power lines doe and a few trees. But that was it, I was getting off my bus walking in hurricane Florence but I was fine just got GALLONS OF WATER ON ME

    3. It’s covering the entire state of Virginia. Yay. I hope I don’t have to evacuate especially because I’m right next to Virginia Beach. They’re getting hit HARD. We may miss school tomorrow and Friday.

    4. A tip for hurricane sandy if you live with 3 miles of the beach get out .. if you block gets flooded during a good thunderstorm get out if not get the full up your car with gas get the generator ready have less 20 gallons of gas for the 3 days .. and Stay inside after the first day of the storm

    5. I’m in North Carolina even though Virginia is covered it’s gonna be worse in NC because we on the right side where the surge is

    6. Hey I’m sorry if I’m a little late my connection is a little slow but I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEARS ITS OFFICIALLY 2004🌈🌈🌈🔥🔥

    7. Lol my school was closed for Thursday and Friday and everyone at my school weren’t being serious at all and making jokes all week (me included). We even made a “plan” (not an actual plan) to have a pool party in the floods

    8. It will be hitting me. I am very scared. Please pray for my friend who lives 40 miles away from where it will hit. Its hitting her hard.

    9. Hey guys. I know I might be just a random person on the internet but, I just wanted to let you know that I hope you’ll be find if you’re in Hurricane Florence. Please stay safe.

    10. One thing California need this and all the rain we had lately plz help that we all would be safe I don’t wanna die I’m to young and no joke my heart is beeping fast for tomorrow

    11. Move to central Missouri… No problems, never seen a tornado, etc. Staunch Republican state where you can ccw or open carry without a permit or background check. (Private salessales, 19 or older). You can open carry alcohol as a passenger… Show me state rocks!

    12. We actually went to Walmart today but there was a lot of angry people . Good thing we found water at a gas station.
      I’m scared yall

    13. This is interesting. I live in Canada (Vancouver). This stuff seems useful even if there is no hurricane. Wish everybody the best!

    14. Sorry, but my Mom and Dad is not allowing me and my family to leave myrtle beach SC. Even if they told everyone to leave. Mom and dad refused to even leave :

    15. Was watching this on tv and I pray for everyone to get out of there safe and unhurt……. 😱😱😱 I would have been on the move by the time the alert system came on

    16. step 1: move to california (teh best state)

      step 2: use these Inside Edition tips plz

      step 3: bam you will survive

      🔴REMINDER🔴 if u dont move to california use the survival tips of inside edition. plz

      Hope no fatalities happen.🤕🙏🏼

    17. My mom is moving close to where the hurricane is going to hit. I’m literally her meteorologist giving her updates about the hurricane even though I live in Iowa. Along with everyone else I hope that they stay safe.

    18. Today there were 85ft waves I was telling my parents 2weeks ago when I was at Wilmington what if a hurricane hits there wouldn’t it hit us cause we live in nc

    19. All my prayers go to them 🙏🏽 I used to live in North Carolina and my family lives in Wilmington. But I moved to (Biloxi) Mississippi in the Gulf of Mexico area so… we always get hit by hurricanes… :)!

    20. Sigh…….Now Florence is headed towards SC, specifically Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Greenville…..And I happen to live in Greenville……Great…..Just great

    21. Im in D.C do I need to worry and im praying for you guys in carolina bless yall jesus is going to be with you together

    22. I am so happy where i live dose not have extreme weather though its blazing hot and has dust storms and i am talking about vegas

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