Take The Boredom Out Of Commuting With Audio Books

  • For everyone who loves to read, there is a common problem in today's world, and that is how to find enough time. Every morning, I have a forty-five minute commute to work. On the way home, my commute often will take a full hour. A good friend of mine, who also is a huge fan of reading, told me that I should borrow one of her audio books and try it out on one of my commutes. While I was not too keen on the idea of ​​having to listen to a story, I agreed. I let it sit in my car for several days before even trying to listen to it. I just thought that the idea of ​​someone reading me a story seemed so childish. Finally, four days after she loved it to me, I found myself sitting in congested traffic. Bored and frustrated, I decided to try it. Within five minutes, I found myself so absorbed in one of my favorite author's stories, that I lost track of time. I listened to it the entire rest of my drive to work and finished it on my way home from work.

    When I returned it to her following following weekend, I asked to borrow a few more. Since falling in love with the idea of ​​keeping up to date on all of the books that I've been missing out on, I've taken to buying and renting audio books frequently. At first, I purchased all of the audio books that I wanted. It did not take long for the expense to add up. I joined a book club and got audio books at a decent discounted price, which thrilled me. I checked out my local library and would borrow some audio books for a week. Their selection was not as great as what I would like, but you can not beat something that does not cost a single cent.

    Before too long, my boring commutes to work were no longer boring. I found myself completely absorbed in my audio books. Interestingly enough, I had thought that someone reading to me would not be very appealing but instead, I found that the tone of voices that the narrator would use could be very engaging. Their interpretations and readings of certain events within a story could make me think differently than I may have by reading the same event in a book.

    If you love to read and simply do not have the time to finish a book from start to finish, make your commute or travels a bit more enjoyable and get yourself some audio books. Whether you purchase them from a bookstore, join a book club to get them at a discounted price or find them at your local library, you'll find that the expense is worth every single penny.

    Source by Trevor Kassulke

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