Teaching Kids About Saving Money and Silver Stacking

  • This video is about how to expose kids to silver and silver stacking. I talk about showing young kids silver coins that they will recognize and teaching older kids the importance of saving money. Silver stacking is a really good way to save money especially for kids because it is hard for them to spend it! I hope that you enjoyed the video and that it can help you teach your kids about saving money and silver stacking!

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    32 Replies to “Teaching Kids About Saving Money and Silver Stacking”

    1. Second!!! Nice intro!!! Lol. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉 In this episode, how to brainwash your kids into liking silver and stacking!!! Hahahahaha

    2. A father of 3 adults and grandfather of 2, a kid will do just the opposite of what you teach 😂 Thanks for Sharing my friend and you’re right 🙏

    3. Lol, when the video first loaded it was in low quality/ blurry and I saw your hand and I was like what the. Then I realized it was a baby hand😂

    4. Instead of saying first I am going to watch the video first! I have tried everything with my kids and they have no interest in any of my hobbies. I guess I didn’t get into it til later in life either so maybe they will come around eventually. Keep on stacking!

    5. I’m 15, is that young? Do I have to teach myself and buy myself only marvel, and cartoonish silver coins? 😂

    6. Hey I’m 13 years old and I just bought $120 in silver today. I am trying to get to 35 oz by the end of the year

    7. I’m going the same with my four year old. She loves the one with queen Elizabeth on them because her middle name is Elizabeth. And she love the idea that Princesses are real not just in Disney movies. I always say start them young. And my 8year old
      Is really big it to it too when most kids his age goes and blow there money on candy and video games.he’s at the coin shop with me buying pandas and sliver dimes.

    8. I have a 3 year old girl and a four-year-old boy I’ve been stacking as much as I can being a single dad.i have been stacking for the past 5 months and every time I go buy silver each one of my kids gets a little bit also they call it pirate treasure. So I can actually say that my kids started stacking the same day as I did. I will use your advice on taking some back to the coin shop and selling it and taking them out for ice cream like you talked about I think that’s a great idea.

    9. I started one of my grandkids at 5 it lasted only a few days. Dance lessons, baseball and so many other interests took over. I’m stacking for my sons so they can make the decisions when I pass. Unless they somehow get interested in it again. I don’t live close to some of them. ATB & HH

    10. Wtf. I had to watch the video again because I didn’t even catch on to your baby’s hand in the beginning of the intro I just realized it looks kind of funny I didn’t think anything more. I thought you mentioned something in the video about your baby and how you thought it would be funny but until I read the comments just now and watch the video again I didn’t even notice now im laughing my ass off.

    11. Lol baby hands! Honestly, I would hate it if someone paid me in silver as a teen. I probably would have sold it for cash lol

    12. always can start collecting an saving at any age for sure. also another cool lil investment. not as fun as a toy sometimes but is a better investment lol.

    13. Mate I thought your hand had shrunk🤣🤣
      I’ve always told my kids that when I die all my gold and silver will be there’s but now I’m thinking I might start their own personal stacks. Thanks for the inspiration 👍👍 Btw I have 4 kids so gonna be poor🤣🤣🤣😜

    14. Great vid..approach may work on some and some may have no interest. You got to know your kiddos and their interests. There is much history to be learned with coins.

    15. I have an 11 yr old and I’ve tried to teach him. He has somewhat of an interest because he’ll save his change and show it to me and ask if it’s special. So, the interest is there for him and the knowledge will come around eventually. Thanks for sharing SB🐉🐉🐉

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