The Absolute Best Ways To Save Money

  • In order to become financially independent, you must learn to pay yourself first. Watch my video and learn ways to save money and how to become rich throughout your lifetime.

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    99 Replies to “The Absolute Best Ways To Save Money”

    1. what plane can a person put in place right now if they are 50 years old , unemployed, have no savings and in crisis. I am asking for a serious solution, where does one start. I am asking for a solution not judgement

    2. dear Brian the tips you provide are great, please advise how to stop worrying about inflation and unstable economy? chances are to save up for years and end up with a sum much lower than expected, and regrets on having to restrain yourself from buying the things really needed/wanted throughout the years…

    3. Great video, I have been saving since I was 13, I am now nearly 19 and I have never taken any money out of my saving… only added to it and it is growing amazingly!

    4. We started 20 years to late. But still we will in the next 27 years:) Our home will be paid in about 10 years if all stays well.

    5. So, you have cultivated the discipline and have a saving’s account and are ready to invest money – how do you pick the right investment funds? 8-10 % p.a. seem unreal these days. Or maybe I just don’t know anyone who knows how to invest.

    6. What are you gonna do with that million dollars when you’re 70? Live life with your friends man whatever the cost, memories over money

    7. I can only afford to save about $100 a week from my Checks, aye, it’s better then Nothing!
      In a year just to know ill have $4800 to play with is great! But if i don’t touch it, then in 2 years whopping $9,600! But in 3 years! $14,400! All because i saved $100 a week Adds up real Fast! Lets go baby!

    8. I like your explanation but, What’s the point to be older at 65 years old and don’t have the energy to enjoy the money. Imagine if I need to take a flight at that age and the flight is 11 hours it will kind of back pain, after that if I meet a young girl probably i will get hard attack. I prefer to invest in real state and have cash flow every month. At the same time Thanks for your knowledge !!

    9. ok that’s all good but price of living has gone up and income down do the math you will never be rich at a 9 to 5 hell let’s just say working period the only way is to start your own buisness or you can slave at 2 or 3 full time jobs and live in the hood where it’s cheap but dangerous and ride a bike everywhere and eat crackers and water until you reach 65/ or 70 by that time your on borrowed time so is that what you want all of us to do gtfo

    10. Brian, I thonk this is easy to remember and I’ll start doing this. However, how much should I save for my two children? How much more per month should I save for each?

    11. i am earning a very low minimum wage,but I am going to start my financial accumulation journey today December 2016.Next year this date 2017 i will give you my result .I call it a Journey of a thousand miles. TEXT YOU IN THE FUTURE.

    12. So basically, if you get your income, you take 10% of it and put the 90% in your bank account to avoid finacial problems??

    13. I do agree that some people need to lower what they spend and that works for them but I have always been attracted to spending the same but finding ways to make more money. Instead of spending energy trying to be frugal and not having the nice things I would prefer to spend that much energy making more money and still have all the impulse buys that I would normally get. It doesn’t work for everyone because typically spending does follow income but if one spends the same regardless of income my opinion is to devote time and energy to making more money and not spending time and energy finding ways to be cheap and get the best price. You get what you pay for.

    14. This guidance is of value because he is showing that anyone can save enough money to be financially independent. If you break your norm of impulsive buying and implement frugality you can live comfortable.

    15. Sir I am a student and I want to start earning what would preferably be best way to do so!
      I do part time jobs whenever I get time.
      but I want to earn more than that.
      please suggest ways.

    16. ”if you save just 100 dollars per month throughout your working lifetime (let’s say 50 Years) and you invest it in an average mutual fund that grows an 8 -10% you’ll be worth more that 1 million $ by the time you retire”
      My question is: will 1m $ have the same value in the marketplace in 50 years as it has today? will I be able to buy with it the same things as I can buy today? Or will my 1M $ in 50 years be worth almost nothing due to the value of money going down fast? (depreciation) Thanks!

    17. What about people who didn’t know this and are now older? I save money extremely well. But never sure how to invest…

    18. The problem is that this methodology doesn’t take into account a persons cost of living vs earnings. The problem with many working class peoples is that they just get by and often live paycheck to paycheck.

    19. People should really start to invest in something. General public doesnt consider fiat currency inflation of 2% a year…. Your saved money will be worth less if you leave it in the bank after long periods of time… There are alot of investment vehicles : precious metals (gold, silver, ….) Cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds and even investment which is most important : yourself(education).

    20. can i use any account?i have 2 accounts none of them is a saving account but ijust use mainly. can i use the other account to save the money or must i open a saving account?

    21. Many years ago, I picked up a book a Barns and Nobles. The author was Brian Tracy, and I must confess this man changed my life. Mr. Tracy, thank you.

    22. terrible hand gestures LMFAO he’s trying way too hard to keep from standing with his hands down by his side or in front​ of him. I’d like to know who edited this video before they posted it LMFAO horrible

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    25. What about time deposit should we put a s small amount of money to the bank and then get a big interest on top of amount we put aside ! Is it save to do it !

    26. The way I like to save money is with CASHBACK APPS like “Ibotta”. All you do is snap a picture of your grocery receipt, upload it and earn money on selected products. It’s easy and fun! I made $40 in the first month but you can earn alot more if you shop often. Get $5 just by signing up through my link here and redeem your first offer. 😎💲

    27. Being a 55 year old man, coming from a middle-class family, I have learned, that there are three nationalities, that are excellent with saving money, Jewish people, Jewish people, oriental people, and people from the UK, I can say this because I have known many of them, and I know how they think, when it comes to money, most of them look like they don’t have money but they do, they don’t forget where they came from, I respect all of that, and even though I don’t make a lot of money on disability, following their mentality, will make you a wealthy man in time, and I’m not a white boy, I’m Sicilian !!!!

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