The Reality of Metal Detecting & Wilderness Survival Tips 2018

  • PMF#155 Mike & I hit a few permissions and had a fairly rough day. This is the reality of metal detecting, sometimes it’s not all silver & gold! Still yet, we walked away with some pretty incredible finds and I share some useful tips on how to use yucca in a wilderness survival situation. Hope you LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!

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    1. Nice finds and so true about the hobby! Some people just can’t stick it out after a rough slump ect. I respect all regular diggers due to their perseverance. HTH. John.

    2. The ID of each signal must have went over well. Congratulations on your finds. Great video. I’d like to get out and hunt with you and Mike sometime. Thanks for sharing. Until next time HH&GL *Chris*

    3. Really like that early razor. I like finding those. The Pueblo Saddles watch fob was just awesome. Very cool piece. Great video and good that people can see that it’s not all silver and gold every time out. HH and GL Greg

    4. some good stuff, my grandpappy use to tell me you could break the point off a yucca “leaf” and keep the stringy fiber running with it and fish with it. he said twitch it till they bite and they would swim off and then the poison would stun the fish and it would float up. coarse grandpappy sent us snipe hunting also.

    5. i went today and found one penny and a old lid thatโ€™s it rest was trash ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Sometimes it sucks

    6. Cool video Jeff.I found 1 of those old razors earlier this year but it wasn’t close to the condition of yours.Nice buffalo too man.Looking forward to your next installment, โœŒโœŒโœŒ.

    7. Where I grew up we called yucca soapweeds. Got bucked off a horse one time and landed on one. Horse took off like it’s tail was on fire. I’ll be apologizing to the good Lord for my language that day.

    8. Great hunt Jeff, got a nice assortment of finds there! By the way, thanks for subbing to my channel, appreciate it! Thanks for taking us along, GL and HH on your next…take care!

    9. Got to have those kind of days to appreciate the good ones. I came back from a water hunt where I hunted all day at 3 lakes and 9 swimming areas and got 1 keeper, but the next day I got 9 rings. Go figure.

    10. Another great PMF Production! A little bit of old, A little bit of new, and a whole lot of great finds.
      Saddle looks like an advertisement watch fob….love it
      Thanks for sharing Jeff. HH….Shayne

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