The Top 5 Reasons To Use Video Streaming To Increase Your Conversion Rates!

  • Every entrepreneur should start selling his products online using video streaming and audio. Why would you want to ignore video marketing when it requires excellent copy writing skills to persuade your visitors that your product is what they really need.

    Adding video to your website relieves the need of being an excellent copywriter since you can show directly to your visitors how your product is working and how they will benefit from it.

    Here are the top three reasons why you should use video to market your products …

    1) Adding Video Streaming to your website is easy.

    You do not need any special technical knowledge to add video to your website or blog. Actually, nothing is easier than that.

    You can upload a video to YouTube or Google video, and then take the small snipet of code to add it to your web page.

    2) Redirect your visitors to your link (or affiliate link).

    A "new" and very hot trend is to sell audio and video products. Do not worry, you do not need to be an expert on any technical stuff, and you can add video and audio to your website as fast as you are uploading your e-book to your server.

    3) Outrank your competition in your niche with video.

    Savvy online entrepreneurs are already using video to increase their conversion rates by more than 400%. They can also dominate their niche market easily since their competitors are too lazy to use video to market their products, or they just do not know it yet.

    By starting now, you will be ahead of your competition, and people in your niche will see you as an authority. This will increase trust in your products, and sales will follow naturally.

    4) Become a super ally easily and be trusted in your niche.

    Beside selling your own products, you will be able to dominate a market easily with video. When you sell your products, you are actually building your list of subscribers. You will then sell them other products. This is called upsell.

    Upselling to your already existing customers will be easy because video increase trust since they know you own the product that you are endorsing.

    5) Redirect your public whenever you want after the video show.

    After the warming up phase (the video itself), your visitors will already know if they need the product since they are aware of the benefit for them. It's becoming even better for you now because at the end of the video, you can forward your visitors to a link (your website, associate link.etc), and close the sale right away.

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