Urban Survival Tips: Hunting & Fishing Gear

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    ➕Primal Gear Bow:
    ➕Crossman Pistol:
    ➕Molle Quiver:

    Phase One is complete! I’m feeling good about the choice of weapons, specifically the Primal Gear Folding bow. It’s the longbow for the 21st century, lightweight and rugged.

    The addition of the Crossman .22 pellet gun enables silent and effective hunting of small game and possibly humans if times are rough 😜

    Version 2 will include deadfall traps, a fishing pole, knife, and relevant hunting equipment.

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    7 Replies to “Urban Survival Tips: Hunting & Fishing Gear”

    1. I hv de crosman backpacker model (no longer made) installed de steel breech and a decent scope,its my go 2 squirrel rabbit dove gun ..🚲..

    2. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that there are no more Twinkies! If I wasn’t already bald I’d be pulling my hair out in frustration about now ha ha Ha

    3. Some good ideas. I’ll see if I can run across a quiver with molle attachments. Have you ever looked at the Henry AR-7 survival rifle. It shoots .22’s and breaks down into a small light weight kit. For hauling meat have you ever given a thought to something like the Kelty Cache Hauler, the pack can be removed from the frame for the use of packing out meat. Stay safe.

    4. I love that location. I could definitely see creating a nice base camp within those walls. They would certainly provide protection from wind and help make people, particularly kids and fearful types, feel a greater sense of security. The place just looks cool Dr. Jones.

      I like the idea of the bow and the air pistol. They’re sturdy and practical and reasonably priced. Some of the Crosman, Daisy, and Benjamin airguns have been around for years, so they have remained functional and still in favor by buyers. If you have firearms then using the airguns and inexpensive pellets to shoot small game means more of your expensive ammunition for large predators and in particular, the two legged kind.

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