What foods to Eat to Lose Weight!?

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    100 Replies to “What foods to Eat to Lose Weight!?”

    1. This is horrible advice.. processed foods, ice cream, and pop tarts? seriously?

      here’s something you should know: Most obese/fat people have food addictions they can’t control. if they have JUNK FOOD sitting in front of their face, they will eat it. The key to losing weight is to get FULL by eating healthy food, and learn to eat healthy foods that also taste good. The rice and tuna is literally the only good advice in this video. SMH

    2. no way in hell I’m eating this shit. I’m a fighter and the only way plain and simple is to eat right clean everyday. there’s no other way. eat clean people.

    3. I’m over weight at the moment trying to drop weight, so to me its the exact opposite of wat I thought how are you getting leaner by consuming all those carbs? I’m sorry my knowledge is low

    4. I’ll tell you why bananas go ripe !! Don’t keep the bananas in plastic period , remove it when you get home, cause they’ll start turning………alot of veggies do that !! So now you know !!

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    7. Mat please do this vidio over again with your shirt off ok. the other videos you did with your shirt off and I gave you an A rating but this one no good. Someone giving a physical fitness food demonstration is a turn off. I would like for rent do this vidio with your shirt off ok plese.

    8. hi Matt. I came to check you out from Chris Jones channel. great clear video. good variety food haul.

      Talapia fish they say isn’t a good fish its a bottom feeder. I don’t eat it any more. but hey people still eat it. and I still eat shrimp crabs and scallops which are bottom feeders too I think lol

      do you have a video how you make your Tuna meal?

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    13. Do you think that eating this is healthy or should I eat that? I’m hoping that this won’t give me heart burn, but when I eat that I get 24 hr blotting and gas 😂

    14. all these dudes when they will be old, they’ll have problems… eating all that shit for now it’s ok but then…

    15. Did this guy meant to put the title how to get bigger fatter not trynna send hate but it’s the truth

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    30. Okay, most people can’t get away with eating all this crap. You obviously work out extensively and are able to utilize and burn the amount of carbs, fats, and calories you’re taking in with all that junk food. All that being said, your body might look great, but you’re not going to feel as great as you would if you were eating much healthier foods.

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    32. Great video. Well educated. Thanks Matt. But there are a lot of people who do not have the time and in some cases…time. I have found a safe, easy and organic way to loose weight. I am very busy, always on the go and there are time where i do work out and eat right. But it is not enough. At times i need more. I have found a product named Organifi. Its an organic way to clean your body and to loose weight. I lost 10lbs in just a couple of weeks. All i did was to follow the regimen exactly as advertised and advised. You have got to try this great product. Click on the link below for more detail info. Its worth it. Thanks.

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