What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight & My Hair Routine Between Workouts | #NotVlog 0.5

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    My DIY aloe spritz leave-in –

    My top 3 ways to use ayurvedic hair care –

    My skin care routines –

    How I use combs to assist with finger detangling –

    How I finger detangle my hair –

    My current wash day routine –

    Everything I did and didn’t do to grow my hair over 25″ long –

    How I fit my hair under wigs –

    My all-time favorite products for my hair –

    Popular Hair Care Practices That I Never Do & WHY –

    Products That Don’t Get Enough YouTube Love –

    My All Natural Dental Routine –


    FAQ – What breed is RayRay? She is a true mutt. According to a dog DNA test, she is a mix of 5 different breeds.


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    33 Replies to “What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight & My Hair Routine Between Workouts | #NotVlog 0.5”

    1. Yaaaay 💛 Question what are your thought on going to crossfit gym verse regular gym, been wanting to try out a cross fit gym..

    2. I love these non vlogs….inspirational…and i feel like I’m getting to know you better without being to nosey. Love hot sauce on my food. My fav is torchbearer sauces. –💕✌🏿️lsj

    3. If you don’t use proper grammar and spelling, you’re immediately canceled lol. I think I missed those videos so I shall take a gander. I absolutely adore your ending; never change it! Lol

    4. Thank you. You have no idea how inspiring your body is and for those who wish they looked as healthy and fit you do. Continue the Vlogs. I for one look forward to them. You always have several good ideas to try and think about.

    5. Yes girl! Don’t delete the vids ! I feel like the people who been putting all the negative comments on the two vids you uploaded haven’t taken the time to actually watch the whole video 🙄 and assume you were bashing her and her program the whole time smh

    6. YouTube is going to stop playing with me – unsubbing me from channels! Anywho! Your workout is goals and the stir fry is a must add to my meal plan.

    7. Ohn Lawd Gauge Fail… I will be doing Skrimps and Grits because my brother is visiting tomorrow so I gotta show up and show out!

    8. I love TJ’s Seasoning Salt. It takes like Lawry’s but it doesn’t have sugar. The cruciferous mix is yummy too. Add a little lemon next time. It’s bomb.

      Also, leave the videos up because that’s how I found you and I think you’re awesome.

    9. I love making shrimp and grits or fish & grits anytime. My family is from South carolina so I grew up on it though i was born & raised in L.A.

    10. I will unsub if you take down those videos…probably not lol. Good job blocking the GG harpies, keep em pressed & stressed. Those grits had my mouth watering.

    11. I’m enjoying these notvlogs. I’m actually trying to gain weight rn so your mini cooking sessions help me because I be clueless on what to cook. Great video !!!

    12. As a black woman, I was expecting one of three (maybe four) answers to the hot sauce question …

    13. I’m thoroughly enjoying your “Not A Vlog Vlogs”. On one of them you said someone called you thick and you felt it may have been an insult. I don’t know the commenter’s intent but where I’m from it’s a compliment. I remember when I first came to the U.S., a friend from my country told an American woman she had got “fat”. To him it was a compliment but she was furious. It helped me understand cultural differences and language.

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