Why a Step by Step Work Out is Essential For Weight Loss

  • I do not know about you but I hate exercise, not because it is hard, not because it is difficult but because I do not know what I am doing! I read articles on the net and I watch videos on you tube explaining exactly why I should be doing certain exercise and why this muscle group is important and lots of things about protein and carbs and then I unroll the exercise mat … and forget everything ! I need a step by step work out because I am not some fitness guru I just want to stop looking like Jabba the hut and be a healthier person in my busy life without having to have a fitness expert please!

    Many people of course know this and get personal trainers to help them but who can afford that time and money investment, I know if I hire on I would have to work more to pay for it and end up being less healthy and stressed from the extra work! I think the underlying truth is I am good at the things I know about and have learned but when it comes to weight loss I just want to be told how to do it, do it and get the benefits so I can go back to doing the things I love.

    With this in mind I need a routine, I need step by step instructions on which exercises to do and how to do them properly as to not to hurt myself doing them and to not cheat and get little benefit out of the exercises also. I also want to be able to do this at home because I hate gyms with a passion too!

    A step by step work out is what keeps me off the weight off more than anything because it is easy, stimulating and I know I get value out of it in my own time in my own house in my own comfort zone and that is better than any fad diet or over muscled jerk yelling slogans at me in the mud!

    Source by Michael Porteous

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