You Should Be Stacking Cash, NOT Saving

  • In this video, an entrepreneur explains a commonly misunderstood concept about saving money, and what you should do with the money you do save. Learn more about what I do below…..


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    *Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based my own own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables that play a factor in your success. Do your own research, do the work and take everything as an opinion.

    51 Replies to “You Should Be Stacking Cash, NOT Saving”

    1. Not making sense on this one but spending is okay and what you do with your money is absolutely up to you. Very few people who purchase nice things end up losing it all. That doesn’t go to say that most people who purchase nice things and have a substantially good income are all being financially irresponsible. Those nice things/items are easily recognized as investments by those who purchase it. Can’t also assume that they aren’t “stacking” the rest of the money away into other investments. If what motivated you to keep pushing in your journeys were the nice clothes, cars, and watches Why wouldn’t you want you want to purchase those things for yourself? Especially if your income has reached a substantial level

      TLDR: Do what you want with your money.

    2. im always still shocked on how people dont know this basic information. school is literally teaching the wrong information

    3. Great video .. that’s one thing that kinda bugs me about a lot of the make money online videos.. some people seem too fixated on showing off and bragging, rather than teaching. It makes it harder when you’re just starting out and trying to learn when half the gurus aren’t really guruing (I think I just invented a new word).

    4. Thanks Haydon, my godfather is an investor so I give him most of the money I make to invest for me. I’m making a couple hundred dollars tomorrow for building a website for someone nothing too crazy but after watching this Ive decided on investing it. I wasen’t going it, but I know I will now. Thanks!

    5. 250 bi weekly from target? and they are blowing it? well should they live on the street? please tell me how you do math. this makes no sense. unless they live with their parents and their parents are paying for almost every source of expanse.

    6. Ive had this same mindset for about a year now but this video really clicked in my head, thanks for talking about this subject Hayden it will really help me out! Keep up the great content and posting everyday because i would much rather be watching you then some random netflix show haha

    7. Who are the two multi millionaire you study? And how do you grab the attention of multi millionaires so they can teach you make money?

    8. 17 years old and made over 20k in sales in a little over 2 months. Message me on insta @httphamza if you need any tips or wanna connect.

    9. My first website has been growing but i dont know if it needs adjustment, can someone give me advice??

    10. hi i’m from france and i just sart an e-commerce shop i would sale in USA can you make a video about foreigner tks. Keep the good content

    11. Awesome video Hayden, loving the productivity lately. If anyone needs help making shopify stores or logos DM me and I can work for YOU!

    12. Yeah if I ever become successful to where money is no longer an issue I’m fine with a 20 30k car with a decent apartment and invest the rest not a Lamborghini and giant mansion growing up not rich having decent things is more then enough for me

    13. So I just turned 16 and had been saving for a car for a long time but my gma ended up just giving me hers ( very thankful) but now i have almost 6k sitting in the bank and don’t know the best place to put it. I was thinking just like an index fund or smth but if anyone has suggestions lmk

    14. good video but you kinda didn’t make any sense. Saving up your money vs stacking it up sounds pretty much the same. You could be saving just to invest it later.

    15. Alright so just to clarify, should I put my money in my bank account or should I physically stack my money, whatever amount I generate I put it straight into my bank account. I don’t spend it on shit other than uber or wether I’m putting it back into my businesses or back into the market.

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